Level 1 Long Range School Gift Certificate


Long Range School Gift Certificate for Level 1




Level 1 Long Range School Gift Certificate


Barbour Creek Shooting School’s Long Range Hunting Course –This course is for the long-range beginner and for even the most seasoned shooter. Our instruction is designed to build on each training level and has 50% classroom and 50% range time each day. You will learn everything you need to know about:

  • Explanation of the Long Range Rifle Components
  • Understanding Scopes, MOA, 1st and 2nd Focal Plane
  • Lethality Max Range on Animals
  • Proper Bench Techniques
  • Internal and External Ballistics, Air Pressure/Density, Using a Ballistic Program
  • Body Position, Breathing, Trigger Control
  • Follow Through and Correct Spotting Techniques
  • Proper Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Trajectory-Drop Calculations
  • Ballistics G1 and G7 Break down
  • Barrel and Chamber Throat designs
  • Bullet Stabilization – Twist
  • Barrel Types and Heat Convection/Conduction
  • Suppressor and Brake Performance
  • Trigger Types and Selection
  • Ammunition, Powder Selection for Long-Range Hunting
  • Terminal Performance on Animals
  • Wind calling, reading and Mirage Basics
  • Using the Wind Meter Kestrel Correctly
  • Bullet Types for Long-Range Hunting
  • Operating Rangefinders and using a Ballistic Rangefinder
  • Using Rain Angle for Wind Speed
  • Eotvos
  • Max Ordinate
  • Truing Velocities
  • Entering sight scale factors in your ballistics
  • And More!

Good through Dec 2024

For dates that are available, please book as soon as possible to hold your spot!


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