How To Use The Sight Scale Vertical Calculator


  1. Set up a tall target at 50 yards or 100 yards (PHYSICALLY MEASURE FROM TARGET TO SCOPE) with a vertical line (confirmed with plumb bob or level).
  2. Place an aim point near the bottom of the vertical line and shoot a group to confirm zero.
  3. Dial up at least 30 MOA (or 10 MILS) of elevation and shoot another group.
  4. Measure the distance between shot groups with a tape measure. ( See fractions to decimals table at bottom of page )
  5. Use the calculator below to calculate your scopes Correction Factor (CF).
  6. Apply the Correction Factor to any raw ballistic solution to account for scope tracking error.
  7. Enter Correction Factor into Sight Scale Vertical section of the Applied Ballistics Solver. ( SEE SCREENSHOT )
  8. See below videos for instructions on use of this calculator and how to do a tall target test

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Correction Factor Calculator

Fraction To Decimal Chart