Long Range Instructor - James Eagleman

1SG (RET) James Eagleman is a 26-year Army, Sniper and Master Instructor. He was selected as the Honor Graduate of the U.S. Army Sniper School and U.S. Army Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC). James was a Master Instructor for the US Army, teaching ITC. He has the distinct ability to take the most difficult ballistic subject and teach it in a manner that anyone can understand and apply. Because of his unique training abilities, he is recognized by many as one of the best long-range instructors in the civilian world today and is also the former Director of Shooting Instruction for Gunwerks Long-Range University.

James not only brings years of military experience with combat and expeditionary deployments overseas, but also has many years training civilians in long-range hunting, internal, and external ballistics. His revolutionary wind calling technique is considered by many to be the most comprehensive taught anywhere in the world. He has been featured on the television show “Long Range Pursuit,” “Precision Hunting TV,” “Spiritual Adventure Outdoors,” and “The High Road with Keith Warren,” as well as numerous firearms blogs, articles, and instructional videos. His passion is training students in the art of Long-Range Hunting, as well as watching them learn and grow. James’s wind reading techniques are so accurate they are sought after by civilian Hunters, US Marines, Army, Airforce and Navy snipers as well as United Kingdom SAS and Royal Marine Snipers.

Barbour Creek’s goal is to provide our clients with the skills and knowledge to make that once-in-a-lifetime shot whenever and wherever it presents itself. Our long-range hunting school is all-inclusive, providing world-class lodging, full-course meals, rifles, and ammunition for a reasonable price!