level 2 Long Range School Gift Certificate




Level 2 Long Range School Gift Certificate


  • The master course is done on our nearby property with hills, ridgelines, and a valley, to put you in real hunting positions
  • Six to eight stations, we move to each one and engage animal targets at each
  • 4×4 vehicle is provided for movement to each position
  • Advanced wind
  • Head and tailwind
  • Aerodynamic jump
  • Lethality max range on animals
  • Understanding terrain and wind
  • Shooting from alternate positions
  • Measuring animals for trophy hunting using a scope
  • Max terminal performance on animals
  • Operating and programming rangefinders
  • Using rain angle for wind speed
  • Truing velocities and drop scale factor
  • Danger area when manual ranging and ranging errors
  • Angles explained and calculated
  • This course is geared towards more time in-field shooting and practicing wind
  • Bullet flight time
  • Max Ord for wind
  • And more!

Good through Dec 2023

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S, M, L, XL, XXL


Red, Blue, Green


Crew, Collar, V-Neck


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